Press Archive 1997 & 1998

 James Traficant Press Archive 1997 & 1998

  1. 1998 Landmark Accomplishments
  2. Valley Nonprofits Get $2.4 Million In HUD Grants
  3. Traficant Wants Administration To Get Tough On Steel Dumping
  4. Traficant To Vote “No” On Impeachment
  5. Traficant Supports Troops; Questions Constitutionality Of Attack on Iraq
  6. Area Police Departments Awarded $324,153 In Federal Cops Grants
  7. Traficant Urges President To Help Youngstown Fight Drug Violence
  8. Traficant Pitches National Guard Presence At Vienna Airport
  9. Traficant Wants To Meet With Commissioners On Economic Development Fund
  10. Traficant Urges President To Stand Up For Steel At Trade Summit With Japan
  11. Traficant Informs Senior Citizens About Medicare Education Program
  12. Traficant Forms Committee On Future Of GM’s Lordstown Plant
  13. Traficant To President On Steel Crisis: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  14. Traficant Keynote Speaker At Steel Rally In Weirton, West Virginia
  15. Traficant To Meet With Postal Service Management To Discuss Personnel Problems
  16. Traficant Appeals To Governor To Help Keep General Motors At Lordstown
  17. Traficant Files Amicus Brief In Wheeling-Pitt Lawsuit Against Foreign Steelmakers
  18. Omnibus Spending Bill Includes Several Traficant-Sponsored Provisions
  19. Traficant Secures $15 Million FAA Grant For Vienna Airport
  20. Traficant Support Lordtown’s Bid To Secure Delta Line
  21. Traficant Urges U.S. Action On Kosova
  22. Traficant Will Intervene In RMI Strike If Asked By Both Parties
  23. Traficant Urges President To Act On Steel Crisis
  24. House Overwhelming Passes Traficant Bill Calling On President To Ban Steel Imports
  25. Traficant Pursues Ban On Steel Imports
  26. Traficant Urges Senate To Act On Bill To Improve Veterans’ Benefits
  27. Traficant Wants President To Impose Temporary Ban On Steel Imports
  28. Traficant Urges Action On Steel Crisis
  29. Traficant Seeks To Calm Seniors On HMO Scare
  30. Lisbon P.D. Gets Federal Cops Grant
  31. Traficant To Vote Against Republican Impeachment Inquiry Of President
  32. Liberty Township Receives $125,832 Cops Grant
  33. Traficant FPS Reform Bill Receives Strong Support Of Rank And File
  34. Reform Party Endorses Traficant Bill To Open Up Presidential Debates
  35. House Panel To Hold Hearing On Traficant Bill To Reform Federal Protective Service
  36. Commerce Panel OKs Traficant “1-800 Buy American” Bill
  37. House OKs Traficant Amendment Directing Military To Assist In Drug Interdiction
  38. Traficant: An America With Two Legal Standards Is An America With No Legal Standards
  39. Traficant: House Must Hold To High Standards Set By Founding Fathers
  40. Traficant On Starr Report: House Should Act In Non-Partisan and Careful Manner
  41. Warren-Trumbull Community Services Agency Awarded $417,805 Federal Head Start Grant
  42. Traficant Continues To Prod Congress On Reforming Federal Protective Service
  43. Traficant Supports U.S. Bombing Strikes
  44. Children’s & Family Services Of Youngstown Awarded $123,600 Federal Grant
  45. Vienna Airport Receives $3 Million FAA Grant; $15 Million More To Follow In The Fall
  46. House OKs Traficant Amendment To D.C. Funding Bill To Strengthen Screening Of Inmates Sent To Private Prison
  47. Traficant Bill Would Raise Retirement Age For Capitol Police From 57 To 60
  48. House Okays Traficant Rider Requiring Federal Study Of Prison Privatization
  49. FAA Reauthorization Bill Includes Traficant Amendment on Enhanced Vision Technologies
  50. Traficant Votes Against Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform Bill
  51. House OKs Traficant Amendment To Campaign Finance Reform Bill
  52. Youngstown & Warren Receive Total Of $4.76 Million In Federal Head Start Grants
  53. Traficant Bill Supports Independence For Kosova
  54. Traficant Again Seeks Pay Hike For Capitol Police
  55. Traficant Urges Congress To Address Serious Problems With Federal Building Security
  56. IRS Reform Law Includes Traficant Burden Of Proof and Seizure Provisions
  57. Traficant Opposes Renewal Of Normal Trade Relations With China
  58. Traficant Urges Governor To Give Unemployment Benefits To Idled Lordstown Workers
  59. Traficant Resolution Would Require Two-Thirds Vote To Pass Fast-Track Legislation
  60. Traficant Report On TWA Flight 800 Support Government’s Conclusions on Tragedy
  61. EPA Awards Brownfields Pilot Grant To Local Cities
  62. Mahoning County Gets Drug Court Grant
  63. Traficant Amendment Will Ensure That Veterans Are Buried With U.S.-Made Flags
  64. Youngstown State University Receives $35,000 Planning Grant
  65. Traficant Helps Secure $498,000 EDA Grant for Youngtown Business Incubator
  66. Appropriations Bill Include Funding for Mahoning River and Army National Guard
  67. House Aviation Panel OK’s Traficant Amendment To Promote Enhanced Vision Techonologies
  68. Traficant Amendment to Campaign Finance Reform
  69. Traficant Introduced Legislation to Reform Federal Protective Service
  70. Coitsville, Cortland & Lordstown Get $277,400 in Federal COPS Grants
  71. Traficant To Be Keynote Speaker at Virginia Reform Party Convention
  72. Final Version of Transportation Bill Includes $46 Million for Mahoning Valley Projects
  73. House OKs Traficant “Troops on the Border” Rider
  74. Traficant to Offer Five Riders to Defense bill, Including Troops on the Border Amendment
  75. House OK’s Traficant Rider to Mandates Bill
  76. Traficant Opposes Drilling at Mosquito Creek Lake
  77. Traficant Urges Ways and Means Chairman to Include Seizure Provision in IRS Reform Bill
  78. House Approves Traficant Rider to Intelligence Bill
  79. Deal Reached on Purchase of Brainard Rivet
  80. House OKays Traficant Amendment to Satellite Services Privatization Bill
  81. Brookfield and Poland Townships Receive $121,923 in Federal COPS Grants
  82. Traficant Salutes William M. Cafaro
  83. East Liverpool and Washingtonville Police Receive $161,669 in Federal Grants
  84. Traficant Urges FAA to Make Enhanced Vision Technology Part of Flight Safety Agenda
  85. Traficant Informs Veterans of Benefit Changes
  86. House Highway Bill Has $60 Million for Valley
  87. Traficant Pushes Airport Safety
  88. Transportation Panel Approves $60 Million in Projects for Mahoning Valley
  89. Hubbard and Trumbull County Receive Federal COPS Grants
  90. Minor League Baseball Okays Move to Niles
  91. Columbiana County Gets ARC Grant
  92. Traficant Comments on O’Nesti
  93. Traficant Meets With DC Prison Officials on Private Prison in Youngstown
  94. Traficant Warns Local Businesses of Nigerian Scam
  95. Reform Party Rallies Around Traficant Provision to Shift the Burden of Proof
  96. Traficant Condemns Violence in Kosova
  97. Traficant to Seek Deal in Mahoning County
  98. Traficant Secures Commitment from Team Owner
  99. Traficant to Lay Out Details of Baseball Deal
  100. Traficant Bill Protects Taxpayers From Unwarranted IRS Seizures
  101. Traficant Sends Parties Financial Packages
  102. Traficant Requests Additional Meetings for Stadium
  103. Traficant Requests Meeting with Local Officials to Further Discuss Baseball Stadium Project
  104. Traficant Applauds Ruling by Federal Judge Declaring Line Item Veto Unconstitutional
  105. East Liverpool  Receives $75,000 in Federal COPS Grants
  106. 14 Members Join Traficant in Urging Continued Armed Military Patrols of Border
  107. Traficant Urges Clinton to Honor Airport Promise
  108. Traficant Calls for Meeting with Howland and Niles Officials to Discuss Minor League Baseball
  109. Traficant on Budget: “Show Me the Money”
  110. Traficant Wants Hearing on Bill to Allow Trials on Intelligence Breach of Contract Suits
  111. Traficant Promotes Auto Safety
  112. Traficant Responds to the State of the Union
  113. Traficant Urges Pentagon to Continue Troop Patrols on U.S. Mexico Border
  114. Traficant to Tour U.S. Mexico Border
  115. Traficant Requests State Matching Funds for Air Cargo Project at Youngstown-Warren Regional
  116. Traficant Urges House Vote on South Korean Bail-Out Package
  117. Traficant Says IRS Plan to Tighten Seizure Process Falls Far Short
  118. Traficant to Co-Host Export Seminar at YSU
  119. Traficant to be honored by Pi Alpha Alpha
  120. YMHA Secures $499,980 Federal Grant To Reduce Crime

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