Project Freedom USA: The Plan

Hon. Jim Traficant, R.I.P. b. May 8, 1941 - d, September 27, 2014 Director, Quarterback, U of Pitt, 1960-62; Sheriff, Youngstown, Ohio 1981-85; US Congressman, 1985-2002;

Hon. Jim Traficant, R.I.P.
b. May 8, 1941 – d, September 27, 2014
Quarterback, U of Pitt, 1960-62; Sheriff, Youngstown, Ohio 1981-85; US Congressman, 1985-2002;


Project Freedom USA: The Plan

Our great nation is in trouble. Millions of Americans are fed up, mad as hell, but don’t know how or what they can do about it. The time has come for Americans to take back our government.

I was one of several featured speakers in April, 2014 at the Freedom Law School Conference held in Orlando, Florida hosted by Freedom Law School President, Peymon Mottahedeh. Peymon is a young, dynamic leader who possesses the intelligence and charisma to inspire his students with knowledge, dedication and truth.

I addressed the conference on America’s failed economic and trade policies that have produced massive government debt and hardship. I presented my plan of replacing our communist, progressive income tax with a flat National Sales Tax.

While in Congress, I had joined forces with two brilliant Republican members, Billy Tauzin of Louisiana and Dan Schaeffer of Colorado to sponsor the National Retail Sales Tax Bill. Both of them retired and I was separated from Congress but others took up the issue, to no avail.

I explained this genesis to the Conference and presented the details. A spontaneous decision was made to advance this proposal in the form of a national project to educate and energize the American People to impact Washington from without, since there has been no innovative developments to reverse our nation’s continuing decline from within.

The proposal is now Project Freedom USA. American Free Press Executives, Willis and Elizabeth Carto, were present and recognized the tremendous potential of this innovative plan. They have committed to support Project Freedom USA through their weekly newspaper, American Free Press, and to provide office space and support staff for our national office in Washington, D.C.

I have been named National Director. We have already initiated operations in several states and will be announcing Directors in the near future. Appointments will be made throughout the country as Project Freedom USA moves forward.

Anyone interested in participating can contact us at our Contact Page.

This is a grassroots program. You need not be a big shot to join. This is a voluntary effort of regular Americans wanting to save our nation. There will be financial opportunities available as the project moves forward.

Read carefully. If you agree with our program, we want and need your help. The program is straightforward.

We are not FREE, period. We have a massive central government coming at us.

Many Americans fear our government. You might recall that the IRS actually testified before Congress that “without fear we cannot collect taxes”.

Our government is too big. It’s time that Congress stop this madness by setting standards, not creating government largess. The Sales Tax of 15 per cent will probably not even raise prices. (Remember, you get to keep your ENTIRE paycheck instead of paying 15% plus to the IRS in the case of most working Americans, AND — see below — some experts say that the burden of IRS related government/paperwork regulations cause businesses to add a full 25% to their prices.)

Several studies report that the current Income Tax Code builds a 25 percent compliance cost into all our products.

In addition, every man, woman and child in America also has an annual $850 per year cost just to comply with this communist tax code.

Also, the 15 per cent Sales Tax will serve as America’s first non-protectionist, border-adjusted tax, making our exports more competitive and our imports finally subject to the same tax as our own products.

Social Security and Medicare will be fully funded with a lockbox to prevent any more use of these funds for any other purpose than they are intended.

It’s simple. This new plan will be fair, everybody pays! Everyone carries their own weight. This is the only way to save America.

In addition, there will be a rebate to protect the truly poor and needy, to help with basic needs.

It’s time. Our current Income Tax system subsidizes illegitimacy, produces massive government dependency, kills investment and industry, and destroys our exports while rewarding imports, all of which has contributed mightily to chasing our jobs overseas. The Sales Tax will bring industry, jobs and corporations back to America. They will have this progressive, communist tax burden lifted from their profits while eliminating our massive trade deficit.

Project Freedom USA also returns any budget surplus back to each household in the form of a national dividend. (The state of Alaska has returned such a state dividend back to Alaskan families for years because of the surplus consulted by oil.)

Every election we hear the politicians shouting that “the rich don’t pay enough taxes!” Truth is, these same politicians give tax breaks to their rich supporters as soon as the election is over.

My father told me to beware about this “beat up on the rich” strategy. He was a truck driver all his life. He told me, “Jimbo, I never worked for a poor guy. If someone doesn’t invest their money and take a risk, men like me would not have a job.” My Dad was a very wise man.

Nobody is hired by a poor man. Profit is not a dirty word. We must incentivize our economy to make America more hospitable to investment. The private sector creates real jobs. Governmental sector jobs create more debt.

Join us. Get involved. Read on and learn about Project Freedom USA. Think about it!

Fear? A government agency saying they must use fear to collect taxes from the American people?! Enough is enough! The time has come for a new financial program to empower all Americans and save our nation.

This is the plan of Project Freedom USA:

1. Eliminate all income and payroll taxes.

2. Replace income taxes and payroll taxes with a flat 15 percent National Retail Sales Tax on all new goods and services.

3. Repeal the 16th Amendment of our Constitution.

4. Abolish the Internal Revenue Service.

5. The contractual relationship with the Federal Reserve System is cancelled, thus placing all monetary policy back under the control of Congress as mandated by our Constitution.

6. All purchases of our Bonds and Treasury Bills will be paid.

7. All debt owed to the Federal Reserve as interest is hereby repudiated.

8. Congress shall issue debt free, interest-free money for the nation, backed by our gold, silver, national assets, as well as the goods and services made available by American businesses, and the full faith and confidence in our powerful economy.

The National Retail Sales Tax Will:

1. End all withholding. Workers would get their entire pay, thus empowering them to make their own financial decisions instead of having Washington politicians making such choices for them.

2. No more Inheritance or Gift Taxes.

3. No more Tax on Savings of any type.

4. No more Corporation Tax. This tax is paid by consumers in the final analysis. This tax also makes America’s companies weak and non-competitive, forcing them to leave America.

5. No more Capital Gains Tax, Yes, NONE!! We want to reward those who invest in America, that’s what creates jobs.

6. No more tax on used goods.

7. No more tax on Social Security and Medicare. The 15% National Sales Tax will fund both programs.

8. No tax on investments.

You must consider that only 53 percent of eligible taxpayers actually pay any income tax. How much more can workers pay? The sales tax would be paid by all. Drug dealers, illegal immigrants and foreign visitors would all be paying into our General Fund and Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund.

There would be no more tax evasion. The vast criminal underground would now pay taxes. The visitors from Europe and Japan and China would all pay taxes with their spending privileges. The rich spend more, so they will pay more taxes.

No more:

• Tax forms • Liens • Seizures

• Tax Trials • Garnishments

• Tax Lawyers

• Tax Accountants

• April 15 Deadlines

• Late Charges

• Penalties

• Fear

• Slavery

Some say we need no taxes. We have a great nation and it takes money to run it! We must finance our nation, fairly and equally.

Some experts will say that our “15 per cent Sales Tax is not enough” to finance our government. They are correct. That is why Project Freedom USA mandates the following governments actions:

1. Reduce the size of our government by 30 percent.

2. Eliminate:

• The Department of Education

• The Department of Energy

• The Environmental Protection Agency

• The Office of Homeland Security

• Any other government programs that can be handled by the respective states

So, Come Aboard! We are still a free enterprise, capitalist nation, not socialists or communists.

We live in an Age of Plenty. The monetary policies enforced by the Federal Reserve Board (the FED) is, to put it in the best possible light, 100 years out of date. There is no reason that a few bankers should be warping our national destiny, holding back commerce and industry, and creating artificial scarcity as well as needless stress due to unnecessary interest-generated debt in this age of plenty.

As provided for in the original Federal Reserve Act of 1913, we can simply divorce the FED, and restore the issuing of interest-free money for our nation back to Congress where the Constitution mandates it to be.

The US Congress would create and oversee a National Monetary Office which would operate in the open, issue interest-free money for the nation, as well as be audited in many ways from inside and outside of government to ensure honesty and accuracy.

The duty of those delegated by Congress to issue money for our nation’s economy is to issue currency and credit in sufficient supply to meet the needs of commerce and industry.

Let’s put America back under The Constitution. Let’s implement the free enterprise economy our Founding Fathers envisioned, with a fair playing field of opportunity for everyone.

You can help the nation mobilize behind Project Freedom USA. Contact Us!

For Liberty,

Jim Traficant

Former Congressman Jim Traficant was also the Sheriff for several terms in Youngstown, Ohio before he went to Congress. He was also the quarterback at the University of Pittsburgh circa 1960. Upon graduation he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers before accumulating injuries which ended his career in Football. In Congress, Traficant spearheaded a bill which became law requiring the IRS to go to court before they could take a family’s home. In the year preceding the Traficant Bill becoming law, the IRS seized over 10,500 family homes without having to prove their case in court. In the year (1998-1999) after the Traficant bill became law, when the IRS had to prove their case in court – only 57 family homes were taken!!!!!!